New Norms and Social Realities


New Norms and Social Realities

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Stay 6ft Apart
"Stay 6ft Apart" is written on a grave with grass.

Covid-19 Mood
A figure in a multi-colored hoodie wears a black face mask. Underneath, "Covid-19 Mood" is written in black.

Free Hugs Canceled
A teddy bear holds a sign that reads "Free Hugs." "Canceled" is stamped over the teddy bear in big red letters.

Serving Covid
A female with a pink apron and white face mask holds a serving tray with a blue and red Covid virus ball.

A Mask's Life For Me
A pirate with a bandana holds onto a mast. At the top of the mast is a blue face mask. In the left hand of the pirate is a paintbrush. To the right, "Yo Ho A Mask's Life For Me" is written in red.

Don't Be A Mask Hole
A cat with a mask points its butt to the viewer. Underneath the cat, "Protect The Vulnerable Don't Be A Mask Hole" is written.

Elbow Bump
Two Black males with masks give each other an elbow bump. Elbow bumps became the new handshake during Covid-19 in order to maintain social distance.

Stay 1 Owl Apart
A red sticker reads "Covid-19 Stay 1 Owl Apart" in white. Underneath the writing, there are two figures walking. In between the figures is an owl with its wings spread out.

Kissing With Masks
A male and female figure kiss with masks on.

This Street Art Is Not Available Due To Covid
"This street art work is not available due to Covid sorry about that" is written in white on a black wall. Underneath, is a red rectangle with a white slant face.

Straight Outta Lock Down
"Straight Outta Lock Down" is painted in black on a pink metal box. Next to the writing, is a blue figure in a sweater and wearing a mask.

Maintain A Social Distance
"Maintain A Social Distance" is spray-painted in white inside of a heart on the pavement.

I Get Lockdown But I Get Up Again
"I Get Lockdown But I Get Up Again" is spray painted in black on a brick wall.

Want the pandemic to end? stencil
A stencil painted in white block letters reading "WANT THE PANDEMIC TO END? ACT LIKE IT."

Il covid di cani non mi incastrerá! graffiti
Graffiti reading "IL COVID DI CANI NON MI INCASTRERÁ!" (Dogs' covid won't catch me!" in black spray paint, signed by L'indagato.

There is minimal additional graffiti/tagging on this wall.

Damiano De Andre wearing a face mask
A large mural depicting Damiano de Andre wearing a colorful face mask. The face mask includes colorful images of stars and other abstract shapes, along with text reading "THINK" and "FEEL." Small text reads @DAMIANO DE ANDRE 2020. Graffiti,…

Public Protective Equipment
A mural depicts a variety of different scenes where face masks have been abandoned on the street. It is a culmination of 2-3 months of graft when the artist went on their daily locks during lockdown.

The artist explains "I love this stuff as…

Abolish Human Contact
A wheatpaste reads "Abolish Human Contact" with a red virus ball.

Covid Jail
A mould of the artist's face and hands is installed on a wall. The lips of the face are puckered. Written over the mould in black paint is the word "Covid." The words are written in a certain way to resemble jail bars.

Boy and Girl with Masks
A stencil on a wall depicts a silhouette of a little boy and girl standing close to each other. Each of them holds a blue face mask behind their back.
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