Diversity, Inclusion, and Social & Economic Justice


Diversity, Inclusion, and Social & Economic Justice

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"Protect Each Other |  Justice 4 Floyd" Poster
Masked figure on street sign approaching George Floyd Square. Poster reads "Protect Each Other. Justice4Floyd. Masks Help Us All."

"Protect Us | Justice for George Floyd" Masked Figures
Masked figures on street sign approaching George Floyd Square. Poster reads "Protect Us. Justice for George Floyd. Masks Help Us All".

A Black woman with braids wearing mask that has BLM and Defund the Police messaging
This work of art was photographed in George Floyd Square and has been taped up to the remains of a bus stop in the square. It features a woman wearing a mask and the words "Black Lives Matter" above, and "Defund the Police" below.

Black Lives Matter Protest Girl
This mural depicts a young Black girl, who is wearing a pink and blue outfit and has pigtails in her hair. She wears a blue headband with cat ears. She wears a blue face mask with the phrase "Black Lives" written in black letters. She holds a brown…

Fear Causes Racism!
Paste-up and stickers outside Linda's Tavern in Seattle. Paste-ups read "Food Soon" and "Suspended Rent". Stickers read "Fear Causes Racism".

Essential Work | Labor Camp Report
A black-and-white poster by Labor Camp with four firsts, two black and two white, raised in protest and emerging from a bed of plants and flowers. Large text below reads "ESSENTIAL WORK" indicating the essential nature of protest and racial unity.…

Capitalism is the Virus restaurant graffiti
The words Capitalism is the Virus painted on an abandoned restaurant in New Orleans. New Orleans has suffered from multiple disasters and has faced significant struggles; covid-19 certainly posed new challenges.

Girl with Clover
Mural depicts a young girl in traditional Mexican clothing, holding a four-leaf clover and wearing a woven face mask.

Anthony Joshua
Mural of heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua, wearing a face mask.

Original post says "for" @one3fourlife, which is a coffee shop in Billericay, England.

Masked figure with rose
Powerful image of a woman of color with two white hands over her mouth in the shape of a face mask, and a rose. Artist(s) purposefully leaves the image untitled, open to interpretation.

Racism is a Pandemic
This mural is painted on a white wall and large black and yellow block lettering reads: "Racism is a Pandemic." Next to the statement is the image of a figure opening their doctor's coat to reveal the letters spelling "hope" and doves in the pockets,…

#BLM and social distancing
Two adolescents, one Black and one white, elbow bump each other. They wear face masks and maintain proper a proper social distance while still expressing racial unity. co

Blue Virus
A stencil that has appeared in the aftermath of several incidences of police repression in Athens shows two police on a motorbike with the caption "Blue Virus."

Domestic violence doesn't stop in quarantine
A slogan written in Greek on a balcony front in a residential area of Athens reads: "Domestic violence doesn't stop in quarantine: Nobody alone, ever."

Bending Justice
Located near the site of George Floyd's death (address of this work is 3759 Chicago Ave), this piece addresses the idea that racism is a public health crisis. Text references "Pre-existing condition: Being Black in America." Heart in the center of…

Women united against the virus of patriarchy
A sticker shows the slogan "Women united against the virus of patriarchy" in juxtaposition with the outline of a woman's face, looking up.

Patriarchy kills more than any virus
Stenciled red letters read "Patriarchy kills more than any virus."

Racism is a virus
Based on a photograph, this mural depicts a young Black protestor wearing a face mask that says "Racism is a virus."

I am not a threat
An empowered black woman with flowers in her hair raises her fist and wears a shirt that said "MELANIN." She also wears a face mask, as did most protestors in the time of Covid-19. Images on the wall are labeled with the names of black men and women…

Lincoln Facemask
An image of Abraham Lincoln wearing a face mask reading "VOTE."
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