Hope, Unity, and Healing


Hope, Unity, and Healing

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The World is in this Together
A yellow sticker with black outlining and hand-written text reading "The World is in this together."

Stay Strong
Seattle's iconic Space Needle with a giant blue heart reading "STAY STRONG." A flag reading "WE GOT THIS" flies from the top of the structure.

Up With Hope
A green and yellow sticker with orange text reading "UP WITH HOPE."

Stay Strong Toronto
Simple poster reading "STAY STRONG TORONTO" posted on a utility pole

Hug The World
Two young girls huddled together, hugging the Earth. Text on one girl's arm reads "Stay Calm."

Help the Elderly and Vulnerable
Large text in black reading "Help the Elderly and Vulnerable/Be Nice to Workers/Don't Snitch on Shoplifters/Solidarity!"

Times Are Tough But So Are You
An anatomical heart with text reading "Times Are Tough But So Are You."

We are Stronger Six Feet Apart
A image of an anatomical heart with pink text reading "WE ARE STRONGER SIX FEET APART."

Praying Washing Hands
Hands folding in prayer, evoking Christian imagery. Soap bubbles and water are visible on the figure's hands, transforming prayer into hand washing. In the context of President Trump's declaration that a "miracle" will come, this image reminds us…

You Are Tougher Than You Think
A graffiti piece on a corrugated metal fence in downtown Athens reads: "You are tougher than you think, Signed: COVID-19."
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