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Art and Pop Culture References

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Covid 19's Condensed Virus Soup
A Campbell's soup can reads "Covid 19's Condensed Virus Soup" with a yellow Covid virus ball.

Covid Cola
A Coca-Cola can reads "Covid Cola" instead of Coca-Cola.

Charlie Brown- Wash Your Hands
Charlie Brown holds a sign that reads "Wash Your Hands." Around Charlie Brown, "Merry Crisis And A Happy New Fear" is written in green and white.

Smiley Face With Mask
A yellow smiley face wears a white face mask.

Merry Crisis And  A Happy New Fear
A Santa Claus wheatpasting wears a blue facial mask that reads "Merry Crisis And A Happy New Fear."

Baby It's Covid Outside
"Baby It's Covid Outside" is written next to a Santa Clause with a blue face mask.

Baby It's Covid Outside
"Baby It's Covid Outside" is painted on a blue and red virus ball.

Super Covid Bros
"Super Bros Covid" is written around a bomb that is lit.

Virus Corn Popper
A corn popper has Covid virus balls inside of plastic balls. On the side, it reads "Roll With It" in red.

Masked Emoji
The heart eye emoji has a white mask over its face.

Ugh This Sucks
A blue vampire wears a white facial mask and a purple cloak. On the cloak, "Ugh This Sucks" is written in white.

Obey The Virus
A yellow male figure has a white mask made out of hands. Around the figure, "Obey The Virus" is written.

Covid 1984
"Covid 1984" is spray-painted in red on a pole.

Mask Up Portland
A male figure in a Blazers jersey wears a blue face mask. Next to the figure, "Mask up Portland" is written in white.

Vaccinated Fairy
A fairy with a rose flower crown and mask places a bandaid on her right arm after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. A blue vaccine syringe is to the left of the fairy.

Covid 19 Street Mural
"Covid 19" is painted on the wall in a pink, green, and yellow camo pattern. Surrounding the word is yellow dots.

Lock Downs Are Illegal
A green creature is painted on a bridge with a speech bubble that reads "Lock Downs Are Illegal."

Karate Kid Kicks Covid
A stencil of the Karate Kid in a yellow tracksuit kicking a green Covid virus ball. A speech bubble reads "Round 4."

He Slimed Me
A mural depicts the characters Mr. Burns, Barney, Bart, Milhouse, Carl, Homer, and Chief Wiggum from the television show The Simpsons. On the left side of the mural, the head of Mr. Burns is depicted as the coronavirus. Underneath the virus is…

Wait Till I Catch That Virus!
Marvin the Martian is standing with his gun raised. In the background are various virus particles. To the right of the image are the words "..Wait Till I Catch That Virus!".
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