From the Front Lines: Healthcare Workers, Teachers, and Service Industries


From the Front Lines: Healthcare Workers, Teachers, and Service Industries

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It's All Gonna Be Ok
This mural saluting restaurant workers during the COVID-19 epidemic is in an alley in the River North Arts District in downtown Denver, Colorado. The artist is Austin Zucchini-Fowler, who has created a number of murals around town.

Mehr Lohn statt Lob
A stencil painted in pink and blue reads "Mehr Lohn statt Lob," which translates to "Higher salaries instead of praise," a commentary on the precarious situation of essential workers in Germany.

Solidarity with all those working in supermarkets and delivery
A slogan written in a residential neighborhood in Greek reads: "Solidarity with all those working in supermarkets and delivery." The slogan uses gender neutral language.

In this monumental mural, two doctors (a man and a woman) look heroically into the distance. They wear face masks. Doctors are represented as heroes.

Thank You Essential Workers
A sticker on a post reading "Thank You Essential Workers" next to rainbow text reading "George Floyd." Located at the George Floyd memorial site, near where Floyd was murdered on May 25, 2020.

Protect Nurses
A black, female medical worker wearing scrubs and a surgical face mask. Her arms are crossed and she looks very serious. Test reads "protect nurses."

Victory over the coronavirus
Two doctors (a man and a woman) ride a bicycle. A male doctor throws out a medical face mask and flowers. The dog tries to catch up with the bike and barks. The birds follow them.

Thank you for your work
The bus and the trolleybus go down the street. Drivers and passengers wear protective masks. The text next to the image is in Russian: "Thank you for your work".

Thanks to the Doctors
A female doctor puts on a medical mask against the background of a large flag of Russia. The inscription below is in Russian: #Thanks to the Doctors.

Three doctors in protective masks pose for a photo. The horizontal stripe works as an x-ray, so we can see the super hero logos on their chests.
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