From the Front Lines: Healthcare Workers, Teachers, and Service Industries


From the Front Lines: Healthcare Workers, Teachers, and Service Industries

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Portraits of essential workers and a masked passerby. Prince Street, Soho, New York.
Larger than life portraits of frontline workers. These black and white photos were mounted at night on the plywood boarding of many stores in Soho, including Moncler. On Saturday afternoon and evening, April 11, 2020, Moncler was one of the first…

Hello My Name is Essential
"A rectangular wheatpaste piece depicting a red "Hello my name is" sticker. The place where a name would be typically written is filled with "essential" in black writing, referring to essential workers."

Instagram caption by artist: "Artists are…

NHS Heroes Shouldn't Have to Go to Food Banks
Picture of NHS depicted as Wolverine from the Marvel franchise. NHS worker is wearing a mask and there is the phrase "NHS Heroes Shouldn't Have to Go to Food Banks" surrounding the picture

Stay Safe Billboard
Three sketchily drawn figures, each representing a nurse or doctor, drawn in Nathan Bowen's trademark style. Painted on a billboard at the Blackwall Tunnel in collaboration with billboardmediauk. It reminds people about the hard working health care…

Healthcare Worker Heart
This stencil depicts a female healthcare worker folding her hands into a heart. The color palette of this piece is minimal, with only her gloves and mask colored blue.

Nurse in Snow
Image shows a large-scale snow drawing on a street in Protvino, Moscow, Russia. It is depicting a masked healthcare worker holding the world.

Healthcare Angel
Mural image depicts a healthcare worker as an angel, carrying a fallen victim of COVID-19.

Ramo de Flores [Bouquet of Flowers]
A medical doctor stands in front of a mural of a nurse's face, which is masked but bruised and bleeding from long wear of face masks and protective gear. Her face is surrounded by white roses. Original post says "for" @louresartrepublica. Located at…

Bent Høie, The Norwegian Minister of Health
Image shows Bent Høie, the Norwegian Minister of Health, lifting a masked nurse above his head, like an angel (and/or reminiscent of the famous "lift" dance move in the film Dirty Dancing).

Mural image of a nurse with her face mask removed and bruises / bandages around her face from wear. Commissioned by @colectivotomate @mexicobienhecho @segob_mx @ipn_oficial. Located on the side of IPN ESEP Escuela Superior de Enfermería y Obstetricia…

A large wall painted with images of essential workers wearing PPE.

Health Care and Essential Worker Mural
Health care provider and essential worker mural painted on plywood outside of the UNC Health Care in downtown Raleigh, NC.

This artwork shows a big red pathogen which is supposed to represent the coronavirus. The virus is aggressively confronting a much smaller healthcare worker who does not shy away from it. In fact, the healthcare worker, dressed in scrubs, seems to…

Frontline heroes
This mural shows an angel dressed up as a healthcare worker with a mask on in scrubs. The figure is holding up the world.

Love from the Front-Line
Graffiti of nurse holding up a heart in black and light blue spray paint on a white brick building.

Healthcare angel
This work of art depicts a large angel with very large wings who is wearing all the gear of a nurse or medical doctor. The angel is behind a man, holding him up, and has her hands around the man's heart. You can see painted red where the heart is.

Healthcare Heroes
Non-profit mural by Home Grow NM Trading Post at the SW corner of Morningside and Central. Three part mural featuring essential healthcare, food, public safety, and transportation workers, the Zia symbol, face masks, and green and red chile against a…

Thank You First Responders
Jane Gabrielle creates this temporary art in chalk in service to the Melrose-Rugby Neighborhood Forum on National Night Out, Oct. 6, 2020 thanking first responders at Fire Station #5, Roanoke, Virginia.

It's All Gonna Be Ok
This mural saluting restaurant workers during the COVID-19 epidemic is in an alley in the River North Arts District in downtown Denver, Colorado. The artist is Austin Zucchini-Fowler, who has created a number of murals around town.

Mehr Lohn statt Lob
A stencil painted in pink and blue reads "Mehr Lohn statt Lob," which translates to "Higher salaries instead of praise," a commentary on the precarious situation of essential workers in Germany.
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