Politicized Imagery & Critique of Government and Systems


Political/Critique of government and systems


Politicized Imagery & Critique of Government and Systems

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Covid is a Hoax graffiti
Graffiti created with black spray paint on a barrier, reading "Covid is a Hoax"

Que lado da corda você tá?
Graffiti stencil found in the streets (Rua Barra Funda) of São Paulo, Brazil. Text in red spray paint reads “qual lado da corda vocêtá?”, which translates to “which side of the rope are you on?” Two medical professionals are on one side--the male…

The Real Virus....
Graffiti on a utility box reading "The Real Virus is Communism" and "Locks Downs Kill."

Trump Will Die of Covid
Graffiti on a jersey barrier that reads "Trump Will Die Of Covid."

Plague $
A poster with a flag marked with a $, set against a glowing sun with the word PLAGUE.

Don't Be Afraid of Covid
A large image of Donald Trump as the Grim Reaper. His arms are outstretched and he has a medical face mask danging from his fingertips, a reference to his October 5th public appearance. After being discharged from the hospital, where he was treated…

Capitalism is the Virus
A sticker reading "Capitalism is the Virus" on a street sign.

What to do in times of Corona?
Two side by side iterations of the same text-based poster—one in German, one in English—center around the question "What to do in times of Corona?" The main body of the text enumerates threats caused by the pandemic, and articulates a set of demands,…

Support care revolution
A stencil painted in pink reads "Support care revolution."

Leave no one behind
A handmade t-shirt banner displayed at the window of a residential apartment declares solidarity with the "Leave no one behind" campaign, which advocates for the protection of those rendered most vulnerable to the threat of COVID, including refugees…
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