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Politicized Imagery & Critique of Government and Systems

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Quarantine and Domestic Violence mural
A series of panels on a wall addressing the theme of violence against women (VbG or Violência baseado no género), with some portions addressing quarantine/Covid-19. In this large mural, people join together in a protest carrying signs. Pertinent to…

Omer Al Bashir as Coronavirus
This is a large, wall-sized portrait of Omer Al Bashir. He has horns on his head, reminiscent of the spikes of the Coronavirus. His face is tinted green.

You Can Wash Away the Virus But You Can Never Wash Away the Shame | Labor Camp Report June 6, 2020 / 1,976,515
A black and white print with text reading "You can wash away the virus but you can never wash away the shame | Covid-19 Labor Camp Report June 6 ,2020 / 1,976,515." Imagery includes a close up of hand washing, a public, state-sanctioned lynching, and…

I Don't Care About Your Politics
"A wheatpaste piece, adhered to a cement base, depicting a bright blue and red covid virus. ""I Don't Care About Your Politics"" is painted in the center, referring to the virus's impact on all, despite the frequent politicization of the pandemic.…

Voici l'oeuvre d'un connard
A dirty blue surgical mask that has been framed and placed on a wall. Beside the frame is an object label. The label gives the title of the piece as ‘Voici l'oeuvre d'un connard/ Here is the work on an asshole’. The label description states ‘Masque…

A mixed media piece on cardboard depicting three antique television sets stacked on top of each other, surrounded by a group of sheep. The sheep are wearing masks and looking directly at the viewer. The entire piece is rendered in black-and-white…

"It is what it is"-Trump: 200,000+ COVID-19 Deaths
Inside what appears to be a large frame, is a wheatpasting of a smiling Donald Trump, who is giving a thumbs up. Stenciled next to this image reads "It is what it is-Trump." In large type, next to both of these reads "200,000+ COVID19 Deaths" in red…

Ready for the next wave!
A painting of the personification of death, or the "grim reaper." Death holds a scythe in one hand and a surf board in the other. The entire painting is blank, except for the front tip of the surf board, which is orange. The artist's description…

This is simple white spray-painted graffiti on a bridge support in Rotherham, England. It reads, "COVID IS A HOAX Fuck BORRIS." The United Kingdom prime minister Boris Johnson is the target of this message, although his name is misspelled.

Be Human And Have A Party
This government sign at Assiniboine Forest in Winnipeg, Manitoba has been modified by graffiti. The original sign read,

The modified version reads,

No More Tiers
Artist adaptation of an album cover originally titled "Donna Summer/Barbara Streisand No More Tears (Enough is Enough)." The artist changed "Tears" to "Tiers" and adds surgical masks covering the images of the two singers. The photo was taken during…

Trump the Plague Doctor
This image depicts Donald Trump wearing a plague doctor outfit and clown shoes. He is also wearing a MAGA hat that says "LOSER" and instead of a scythe, he is carrying a staff with the corona virus at the top.

Covid is a Hoax graffiti
Graffiti created with black spray paint on a barrier, reading "Covid is a Hoax"

Que lado da corda você tá?
Graffiti stencil found in the streets (Rua Barra Funda) of São Paulo, Brazil. Text in red spray paint reads “qual lado da corda vocêtá?”, which translates to “which side of the rope are you on?” Two medical professionals are on one side--the male…

The Real Virus....
Graffiti on a utility box reading "The Real Virus is Communism" and "Locks Downs Kill."

Trump Will Die of Covid
Graffiti on a jersey barrier that reads "Trump Will Die Of Covid."

Plague $
A poster with a flag marked with a $, set against a glowing sun with the word PLAGUE. For more information on the series:March 21, 2021 talk with Piotr SzyhalskiOriginally posted on the artist's Instagram on March 30, 2020. 

Don't Be Afraid of Covid
A large image of Donald Trump as the Grim Reaper. His arms are outstretched and he has a medical face mask danging from his fingertips, a reference to his October 5th public appearance. After being discharged from the hospital, where he was treated…

Capitalism is the Virus
A sticker reading "Capitalism is the Virus" on a street sign.

What to do in times of Corona?
Two side by side iterations of the same text-based poster—one in German, one in English—center around the question "What to do in times of Corona?" The main body of the text enumerates threats caused by the pandemic, and articulates a set of demands,…
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