Covid Denial


Covid Denial

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Fuck Covid
"Fuck Covid" is spray-painted on a porta potty in yellow.

Covid 1984
A black and white figure wears a blue facial mask that has "Coca Cola" written on it. To the left of the figure, "#GeorgeOrwel" and "JustAMovie" are written in red. To the right of the figure, "Covid 1984" is written in blue and red.

Covid Lies
"Covid Lies" is spray-painted on a bridge in white.

Covid Scam
"Covid Scam" is spray-painted on the wall in black.

Covid Lies
"Covid Lies" is painted on a brick wall in white. Next to it, "No" is painted in green.

Covid 19 Does Not Exist
"The Whole World Is In A Panicked Lockdown Over A Bad Flu Covid 19 Does Not Exist" is spray-painted in black on the wall.

Covid Is A Hoax
"Covid Is A Hoax" is spray painted in black on a metal box.

Two Vaxines
A tag that reads "Two Vaxines." Originally, the tag read "No Vaxines," but the "No" was changed to "Two."

This is A Pandemic
A sign with the phrase "There Is No Pandemic." The word "No" is scratched out and replaced with "A."

Untitled (This is Child Abuse)
A wheatpaste with the text "This is Child Abuse" in the center. On either side of the text are the faces of a boy and girl wearing face masks.

Covid Cult
A sticker on a pole reads "Just Say No To the Covid Cult."Underneath, is a link to the Telegram of the artist.

Jab or Job?
This depicts a sticker on an electronic crosswalk sign. On the sticker, it reads "will it be jab or job this xmas? Freedom Protest Sat 11th DEC 1pm Baltic Square." Around the words are Christmas trees, stars, and holly.

Prolonging This Nightmare
A sticker reads "Your Obedience is Pronlonging this Nightmare."

Vaccinate This!
A sticker with an image of a man in a suit. The man gives the viewer the middle finger. Around the image are the words "Vaccinate This!" Underneath the words, is a link to the Telegram of the artist.

Stay Scared
This depicts a black pole with three stickers. At the top of the pole, a sticker reads "Stay Scared" and "Destroy Lives" in black boxes. In between these phrases "Control the People" is written. On the right side of the bottom of the pole, a sticker…

This is Not For Your Health
This sticker portrays a syringe with a needle. Next to the syringe and needle is the phrase "If it worked and was safe, why would they need to run ad campaigns, offer incentives, or mandate it? This is not for your health!!"

Covid is Fake!  Do Not Vaccinate
Graffiti on a port-a-potty reading "Covid is Fake! Do Not Vaccinate" in yellow spray paint. Additional graffiti includes "true DAT" with an arrow pointing to "Covid is Fake," and "LOL" written directly below "Do Not Vaccinate."

COVID denial graffiti
Park bench with graffiti dialogue:
A: COVID is a scam lie
B: I agree!

An image of a figure holding a skull (a moment mori) and caduceus along with a list of names of members of the 480 MED DET. Text reads: "sola dosis facit venenum" ( only the dose makes the poison) "COVID KILLAZ" is painted in red spray paint and is…
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